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It’s Not the Size of the Dog - Jon Wyderka

It/s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the fight in the dog that makes the difference.

Google caffeine – values new content; if the site isn’t being updated as to content on a regular basis it may drop in the rankings. Our packages include new content updates which are valued by Google and the other search engines. Any site with this situation can use our help.

Every market on the planet needs us. It’s all about visibility. You can be selling anything. If you’re on the web and you want to make the web work for you, you need to be highly visible.

Financial and legal firms are often good markets because of the amount of money they command and their continuous need for good qualified leads. Legal firms can be a challenge to our company because they tend to want to avoid paying.

You have to know in your heart that you are doing prospects a tremendous favor by calling them. You can help to double or triple their business on the web.

“Well, Mr. Prospect, you’re not very visible on the web so you’re missing out on a lot of business that could be yours. All I want to do is get you a white paper that will explain how we do this. If after reading it and discussing it with me you don’t see how it can help you I won’t ever call to waste your time again.

Send the white paper from your own web site while you’re on the call.
2nd Call: “Hi, following up on our conversation. Did you have time to read the white paper?
Yes – go into our 3 prong approach. Set up a call with management.
No – I figured you might be tied up. Usually when someone reads the white paper they beat me to the punch and call me first! Go into our 3 prong approach. Set up call with management.

Take control of the calls. They don’t want to be your friend. Don’t expect to build a relationship. Don’t use sales techniques that were popular back in the 1980s. Make statements. Don’t ask questions. Don’t attempt to gain agreement. Be polite but get to the point. You have valuable information that you want to give them. You’ll set up an appointment with the owners of our company where they can get all their questions answered and make an educated decision.

“Mr. Prospect, I want to get some information on your desk that can dramatically increase your sales. This could be the most important information you ever read regarding internet marketing and it could dramatically increase your sales like it has for our clients. What’s your email?”

Make statements. Don’t ask questions. Go in a straight line to sending the white paper. On the second call go in a straight line through the 3 prong approach and set an appointment. “Mr. Prospect, all I want to do is put some information on your desk that can dramatically increase your sales. What’s your email?”

Make statements. Assume the sale. This is the best SEO information in the market. We are putting clients on page one of Google every day. We’re better and faster than anyone else doing Search Engine Optimization.

“All I want to do is get you some information that can double or triple your sales. Reading this white paper might be the most important 5-10 minutes you’ll ever invest in internet marketing.”

“Hey, Mr. Prospect, I don’t want to waste you time. All I want to do is get some information on your desk that can possibly double or triple your sales.”

Take charge of the call and make statements. Don’t ask questions. You only want one outcome to the first call which has 2 parts. Send the white paper. Agree to discuss. Second call objectives: cover the 3 prong approach. Set up appointment with management.

Make power statements. “Mr. Prospect, I’d assume if we could do even half as well as we’ve done for other clients you’d be pretty happy.”

“Mr. Prospect, we get almost 95% of our clients to first page of Google organically in less than 90 days. I’d imagine if we could do the same for you you’d be pretty happy. All I want to do is get some information on your desk that can dramatically increase your sales. What’s your email?”

Strength, Passion, Enthusiasm, Confidence, and Sincerity are the 5 SPECS for success. Whatever you do, include the SPECS for success and you’ll be among the best doing what you do.

No sales training Thursday, Friday, and Monday. This covers September 2 through September 6 for the Labor Day Holiday. The regular schedule resumes Tuesday, September 7.

Be passionate. Make power statements. Don’t attempt to gain agreement or a relationship. Those things come later from working together. You first have to get them to listen to you and consider what we can do for them. Once we begin working together you can work on relationship building, not before.

Make power statements. Go in a straight line to the conclusion you want. Assume the sale. - Jon Wyderka

Houses on Hill - Jon Wyderka

Houses on Hill - Jon Wyderka

Leaving Voice Mail Messages is OK

Leaving voice mail messages is OK. Sometimes there is no other way to reach a busy person. Keep it short and to the point. Stimulate interest with a few pithy statements of what we can accomplish them. Others are doing this and have received return calls and eventual clients through the use of voice mails. If you’ve tried a number of times to connect with no luck, it’s worth a try. “If we can help you make more money so that it dwarfs our fee, you’d be a client for life, am I right or wrong.”

Get to five accounts in house as soon as possible. The landscape changes dramatically once you’ve achieve this milestone.

This is your career. Practice to improve every day you work. Don’t do this in a half way fashion. $5K, $10K, $15K or more per month are possible and realistic, if you apply yourself to what you’re being taught.

Most prospects don’t realize how much money they’re wasting in their Pay per Click campaigns. There’s a lot of waste if you’re only following the basic instructions that Google provides. We can drill down with our proprietary software to determine which phrases, regions, and times of day are most effective. We can help eliminate the waste and either save you money over all without decreasing effectiveness or move the amount you spend to those areas of engagement that bring the most return in sales. - Jon Wyderka -

Chaparral Drive - Jon Wyderka

Chaparral Drive - Jon Wyderka

Get the Information Down Cold

Read our entire web site and sales center; get the information down cold; obtain two times from your prospect when he will be available for a call with Management; send emails to Management with the times and time zones; Management will respond quickly to confirm a conference call; listen to the recorded calls in the sales center until they become completely mastered; if you hear a new term or word that’s unfamiliar, write it down and look it up; learn how to use the terms in your calls; get to the point where you can pitch without any reading material; do it from memory; once everything is committed to memory, your presentations will vastly improve.

You become the point person once a client has come aboard. Internal departments will initiate contact to obtain the deliverables required to begin service. Stay in the loop by maintaining contact and agreement with client and internal resources at our company.

You should be able to make from $5K - $10K per month after 6 months of intensely working the sales program as you are being taught.

Use the Google Traffic Estimator to determine search phrases which are high volume, high cost per click key words. These will be your best key word searches for finding prospects with whom our programs will make sense. Their CPC costs will be so high at the volume of search that they can’t compete against larger companies with bigger PPC budgets. Search Engine Optimization to obtain high organic ranking makes sense to them as a potent way to compete at a relatively low cost as compared to a PPC bidding war. - Jon Wyderka -

Bus Stop - Jon Wyderka

Bus Stop - Jon Wyderka

Search Engine Marketing Effectiveness

Search Marketing Effectiveness
3 word phrases get the best traffic and conversions = 26% of traffic
2 word phrases = 19%
4 word phrases = 17%
1 word = 14%

If you get your web site to the #1 Ranking on Google you get as much traffic as #2, 3, & 4 combined; #1 gets more than twice the traffic as #2; even if the prospect is on page one, but not #1, they can still use our services to increase their business dramatically. Moving from #2 to #1 may double their sales on the internet; getting to #1 from further down the page may triple their sales from the internet, or more.

The following is based on impressions, the number of times the listing (ad) is viewed:

1 2,834,806 34.35%
2 1,399,502 16.96%
3 942,706 11.42% The first 3 get 62.73%, almost 2/3 of the total impressions
4 638,106 7.73%
5 510,721 6.19%
6 416,887 5.05%
7 331,500 4.02%
8 286,118 3.47%
9 235,197 2.85%
10 223,320 2.71%
11 91,978 1.11%
12 69,778 0.85%
13 57,952 0.70%
14 46,822 0.57%
15 39,635 0.48%
16 32,168 0.39%
17 26,933 0.33%
18 23,131 0.28%
19 22,027 0.27%
20 23,953 0.29%
Numbers are based on a sample of 8,253,240 impressions across the Chitika advertising network in May, 2010. As an example, moving from #5 to #1 will increase impressions by more than FIVE TIMES!

Just work hard and follow exactly what you’re taught to do and you will light up the world with this thing.

Know the pitch like you know your own name

Seven Essential Factors
1. Know your pitch
2. Represent the company properly
3. Strike a nerve with your prospects
4. Explain the services well
5. Work hard
6. Work smart
7. Aspire to win every day - Jon Wyderka -

Chaparral 2 - Jon Wyderka

Chaparral 2 - Jon Wyderka

Accidental Advertising - Jon Wyderka

Accidental Advertising - Jon Wyderka

If You’re Not in Spots 1-5, You Don’t Exist on Google

Our Residual/collateral effect in action: _________ pays for 5 phrases, ranks for 3482 phrases in top 20.
We wait until 30 days after linking begins to bill for 2nd month; none of our competitors can match this kind of client focus; customer service is our continual accomplishment.
On page SEO provides a solid foundation before linking begins; our competitors gamble with your money; 1st – Key word analysis; 2nd – On Page SEO; 3rd – Strategic in Bound Linking; we’ve taken the gamble out of internet marketing and made a science of it.
All the sales take place on page one Google, north of spot #5; this is where all the business is at; if you’re not there, you don’t really compete in your industry on the internet.
We meet with 5 Google team members every week on our present PPC campaigns; one of only 147 Google Ad Words Certified Companies; our services work best on Google, they also work on Bing (MSN), Yahoo,, and the myriad of other search engines but Google is the BIG DOG
The owners of the company will speak to each client personally; 60 day check up with one of the owners regarding your campaign.
Ranking checker on our web site for our clients; they can check their results 24/7, the ranking checker starts with their baseline and shows them how they’re moving up word by word, phrase by phrase.
Other companies talk a good game, but don’t get themselves ranked for important key words like more web traffic, optimization firm, etc. - Jon Wyderka -